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What Is Primary Data

 So you have decided your methods of primary collection. It's very important for you to make plans for collection of basic information about what is primary data?, how you collect primary?, what are the source of primary data collection?, what are the characteristics of primary data collection and at last what types of primary data collection.

What is primary data in research

Do you want to do primary data collection for answering questions of your research work. Now it's very important for you to make plans how to use these primary data collected in the manner to answer questions of research problem.
Primary data can be defined as all sets of meaning information which are gathered from unpublished source for the first time use is known as primary data.
Those data which are collected by you from unpublished source is called primary data. Primary data in another names known as first hand data, raw data, real data and unpublished data.
Primary data collection by researchers (you) by going through personal experience, people interaction, observation and etc. Primary data collection required huge human effort or human labour.
Cost involved in collection of primary data very huge in comparison to secondary data collection methods.
Do you want to do comparison between primary data vs secondary data collection methods then you are at right place.

Primary data vs secondary data

Primary data vs secondary data in comparison found that primary data collection methods are more expensive,time consuming,huge human resource requirements and more cost expensive.
But many positive points of primary data also founded in primary vs secondary data collection methods comparison are given below:-
Data collected from primary source are considered as more realistic data, correct data, first hand data and unpublished data or fresh data.
Secondary these points not available. Secondary data not considered more realistic data because researchers collected secondary data from published source like government authorities, thesis, published research papers, etc.
Primary data vs secondary data researchers can applied statistical formula in primary data to get desired results of research work.

What is an example of primary data source

In this section let us understand primary data collection with an example. Suppose you have selected to do research on the topic of cost of cultivation of major cereals crops of United States.
Now you want to collect those primary data which able to answer your questions of your problems of research.

Primary data collection methods, primary data, primary data source
Primary Data

Now you have to collect data from each farmers personally according to your question of research problems. These type of data collection from each farmers called primary data collection because here you have to collect data from farmers which farmers are free to give response according to his thinking. Due to freedom of giving feedback to researchers are considered raw source data.
Various types of data collection methods are used by researcher to collect data from farmers ( raw source).
Various types of primary data collection methods already mentioned in research methodology which are used by researchers for collection of data.
Farmers feedback are collected by researcher for the first time for his problem of research answering.
In research methodology all those data which are collected from unpublished source is known as primary data.

How primary data used by students

Students of schools and colleges needed to write projects, assignments and thesis works on various topics, so they require to collect lots of data. Data collection by students depends upon objectives of academic work.
Suppose student of any school required to do project on primary data base topic. To answer questions of projects they want to collect lots of primary data.

Primary data use in market research

Primary data collection become an important for aspects for buisness organization. Buisness organization always keep making strategy that involves collection of information about market and customers from various data sources.
All buisness organization always want to launch new product inside market. So these buisness organization keep doing marketing research. For marketing research buisness organization always keep doing collection of primary data.
You can collect primary data by doing various methods of data collection. Primary data collection done by researchers personal experience, observation and survey.
You have to take feedback from respondents for a particular purpose. And you can take help from secondary data to find out your starting point of primary data collection methods.

How is primary data used in marketing

In marketing research primary data role become very important. As we know that primary data constitute of various characteristics which are given below:-
  1. First hand data
  2. Fresh data
  3. Realistic data
  4. True data
  5. Unpublished data
  6. Primary data collection methods expensive in nature or huge cost involved
Primary data helps in marketing research because it helps marketing researchers to collect data from each individual personal.
Personal data helps marketing researchers to consider real situation of market and make plans accordingly to become successful.
Primary data in marketing research can be collected by following methods of primary data collection.
  • Observation of primary data
  • Doing survey for primary data collection
  • Interview conducting inside market
  • Collecting primary data from various experiment.

What are the sources of primary data

You can collect primary data from various sources of primary data for answering your problems of research. Various sources of primary data collection are given below:-

  1. Observation method

  2. Interview method

  3. Survey method

  4. Measurement of source

  5. Sensors method

What is observation method of data collection:-

You can collect primary data by observing particular study area. Observation can be done by directly observation and indirectly observation.
In observation method you can employ yourself vision for collection of primary data. Observation method of primary data collection totally depends on what your eyes watching and no importance of ears (what you listening) and no importance of what other saying.
In observation method of primary data collection you must involve watching phenomenon without any control what is happening on it.
Collection of primary data without asking any types of questions from peoples called observation method of primary data source.
Observation method from the name clear you can collect primary data without asking any types of questions from peoples and involved collection of primary data by watching practice.

What are the types of observation method

Observation method one of the important method of primary data collection. There are many types of observation method are given below:-
1. Observation method of primary data collection by personal involvement.
2. Observation method of primary data collection by hiring people for doing observation.

Interview source of primary data

You can collect primary data with the help interview source. In interview method of primary data collection you can interview people their personal experience, feeling, demands, perception and opinions.
For example suppose any Agriculture University interview his students to know students opinion regarding how teaching quality can be improved and know what are students demand from university.

Advantages of interviews methods for primary data collection

There are many advantages of interview method for primary data collection given below:-

  • Depth information can be collected.
  • Data source responsive and non-responsive can be detected

Measurement source of primary data

You can collect primary data by doing measurement with the help of scale and measuring instruments.

Sensor source of primary data

Primary data collection which collected with help of sensor and thermometer called sensor primary source of data and multiple choice questions.

Surveys source of primary data

Surveys are the most popular methods of primary data collection. In survey methods of primary data collection you can ask questions from peoples by building nice questions sets in form of questionare.
Surveys method of primary data collection considered more easier to convert data in comparison to interview method of primary collection methods.

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