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Utility in economics means

What is the meaning of utility in economics

Define utility in economics means the power of goods to provide satisfaction which a consumer derives from the consumption of a good or commodity. In economics theories focused on rational choice assume that consumers will strive maximum utility or satisfaction.
Utility term in economic means total degrees or percentage of satisfaction derived after consuming goods or services.
Utility in economics means level of satisfaction derived by consumer after consumption of goods and services. Measuring satisfaction level of all consumers after consumption of goods and services is very difficult.
Consumer having economics learning from past experience used utility as economic term for measuring satisfaction level derived after consumption of single unit of goods.
Price and demand of goods and services totally influenced by economic utility for consumer. Economic history of consumer behaviour explained it becomes important to understand economic utility of goods because consumer always prefer to buying goods from which they maximum level of satisfaction after consumption of single unit of goods.
Data collected in form of samples in research work done by marketing companies to understand the consumer behaviour for increasing their selling of present goods and latest launched products.

Why utility in economics

It is notice that there is requirment to understand utilities meaning in economics businesses because utilities meaning in buisness of goods and services directly influences the demand, and supply therefore prices of that product and services.
In practical to measure consumer utility is difficult to measure and quantify.
Utility word in economics very famous and widely used when any goods and services used by consumer then he derive some degree of satisfaction. To measure this degree of satisfaction utility term used. Basically utility unit of measurement is utils.

What is a utility example

Utility term very popularly used in economics which expresses economic concept. In reality utility donot physically present. Utility in economics means as economic concept which tell us to calculate degree of satisfaction derived after consuming goods or services.
Utility in economics only provide percentage of satisfaction but it cannot provide exact number or absolute number that product provides.
Let us understand utility in economics means with help of an example. Let you (consumer) goes for buying smartphone from any mobile shop that is opened in market.
Now you go inside Mobile shop and ask about mobile brand from mobile shopkeeper. Shopkeeper will now explain you in detail about various brand smartphone qualities one by one.
Now you selected one brand of smartphone by comparing with other smartphone brand.
Now reached to last stage of buying. To reach this last step you definitely calculated in your mind what are the features of smartphone will give you maximum satisfaction after purchase.
After purchase degree or level of satisfaction you obtained called utility. This above explanation will definitely will explain you what do you mean by utility.
There is no way to calculate absolute degree of satisfaction derived by two different consumer after consuming goods or services. Every consumer derive satisfaction after consumption of goods or services according to their demand and requirements.

What Is utility of product

Sucessful marketing of any products and services of any company totally dependent upon utility. If you studied economic earlier then you will know importance of utility of product.
Utility of product is an economic term used in marketing to calculate range of value and benifits received after acquisition and consumption of product or services.
Utility in marketing can be calculated for any goods and services calculated by this economic utility formula.
Customers value = Economic utility

Definition of utility by Alfred Marshall

"Utility of a commodity of a good is the amount of money that consumer is willing to pay for it."
For example :- You sent to an your favourite restaurant where you ordered favourite dish for eating and feel happy. After sometime you again go to other restaurants and ordered same favourite dish for your for eating at this time you get little less satisfaction in comparison to first time eating.

Utility examples in economics

We can understand utility in economics with the help of an examples.
Suppose you are very hungry and ordered 7 apple in any resturant. When you eat first apple your speed of eating very fast at the starting because you get more satisfaction (utility) by consumption of single apple and soon you increase consumption of apple more your satisfaction level gradually come down. Time will come where your satisfaction level  become zero at this point marginal utility will be zero. At the starting (first apple) of eating marginal utility will be maximum.

How do we measure utility

Utility measurements in economics done in utils unit. Utils is a unit of measurement of utility. It is very hard task to measure each consumer degree of level of satisfaction derived after consumption of goods and services. Because every consumer have different mind set due to this degree of satisfaction level consumer to consumers varied.

What is utility importance in economics

When you purchase any commodity and use any type of service provided by various companies or organisations or individual, you get degree of satisfaction. So it's become important for you know about utility importance in economics.
Always active consumers before doing any type of buying and using any service made some analysis on particular commodity according to his demand requirements.
Consumer always in looking for high utility products to do purchasing. So it's important to know in detail about why is utility important in economics.
There are many importance of utility in economics given below:-
  1. Utility helps to understand various aspects of any product and services demand, supply and pricing.
  2. Utility helps economist to determine almost correctly future data. On the basis of future data economist take educated decision, when the time come to the questions like when and when money can be expenditure.
  3. Utility always offer maximum level of satisfaction.Characteristics
  4. Utility important for determining individual consumer demand curve

Characteristics of utility

There are many characteristics of utility given below:-
  • It is dependent on human wants.
  • It is immeasurable.
  • A utility is subjective.
  • It depends on use.
  • It depends upon knowledge.
  • It depends on ownership.

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