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What do you stand by consumer behavior

 What do you stand by consumer behavior

We stand by consumer behavior is the consumer action taken at online platform or offline platform before making decisions of purchasing goods and services for making personal consumption.
You can stand by consumer behavior as data collected from primary and secondary data sources noted consumer has different mentality of consumption of goods and services.
Primary data recorded from different market research performed in all market segmentation results comes that you stand by consumer behavior as how individual and organisations how they select products and services.
You stand by consumer behavior term as end user buying behavior, individual buying behavior and consumer buying behavior all have same meaning.
The two approaches to explain consumer behaviour of demand given are marginal utility or cardinal approaches and indifference approach or ordinal utility approach.
Economist try very hard to measure to measure utility qualitatively. Qualitative measurements in economic field done in utility form.
Economist to quantify utility used two approaches to study consumer behaviour like cardinal utility and ordinal utility.
Studied from economic history you stand by consumer behavior as action of process consulting different search engine, engaging different topics available on social media about goods and services.
Consumer behaviour basically concerned with physiology, motivation and behaviour study of the individual and of organization. It study how they select, and use the commodities and services.
Studying consumer behavior become important to stand by consumer behavior for buisness companies to build their marketing planning to influence more consumer for buying their company goods and services from past.

What is consumer behavior

You can stand by consumer behavior in marketing as study of how consumer behaving during buying particular goods and services for satisfying their needs and wants in form of utility after personal consumption.
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What do you stand by consumer behavior?

You can stand by consumer behavior as research work done in all market segmentation by company marketing agent to find answer of consumer questions like what criteria used for consumer behaviour what to do consumer buy, why do consumer buy company goods and services, how often do consumer buy, for what reason do they buy and many more questions-answers related to consumer behavior.
Consumer how they selected goods and services from market you can stand by consumer behavior as research work.
Consumer behaviour in marketing changing due to change in technology, trends, fashions, lifestyles and disposable income.
Marketing companies have to understand changes in consumer behaviour happening in order to make planning of marketing activities to increase their selling of present products and new launched products and services.

Importance of consumer behaviour

Importance of researching consumer behaviour regular basis and understanding increased at present modern marketing world changing very faster rate and competition between increased companies at another level.
Every companies wanted to get successful in their selling their present goods and services and even for new launches of products and services.
Company understand the importance of consumer behaviour because consumer behaviour study very essential for increasing companies selling of present goods, services as well as new products launches.
Many companies inside failed inside markets very faster if they not able to understand importance of consumer behaviour regular basis.
Products of any company failed inside markets when company donot understand how consumer behaving during consumption of goods and services.
Every consumer have different mentality in form of thought process and attitude towards buying particular product.

Factors influencing consumer behaviour

The 8 factors influencing consumer behaviour in marketing like social economic level, age, cultural, trends, perception, atitude, personality and experience.
Social economic level of consumers differ from consumer to consumer because every consumer comes consists of social economic level history. Let take consumer behaviour examples to understand factors influencing consumers behaviour according social economic level. Suppose consumer A very rich consumer and consumer B from back ward area.
Consumer A who is very buy more luxurious goods and services easily and without thinking much.
On the other hand consumer B will also buy luxurious goods and services but consumer B will make check and considered durability before making buying decision of goods and services.
Consumer behaviour influenced by age factors because age play important roles in making decisions of buying any products and services.
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