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Data collection method

Data collection methods in research

Are you planning for data collection to answer your questions of research problem. Friends before starting your data collection you must know about brief definition of Data and objectives or purpose of your analysis.
All types of research work the five main data collection techniques used are observations, interview, questionnaire, survey and schedules.
Objectives of research work can be whole primary data base or secondary data base and both primary data - secondary data base. Data collection methods clearly understood from difference between primary and secondary data.
Compitition increasing at high level every in buisness world. Number of companies increased selling similar kind product to their products targeted consumers. Buisness rival increased between similar types of products manufacturing companies.
Data collection methods in research can be defined as the process of collection of meaningful sets off sample. Data collection methods one of the type of research methodology used for gathering information.
Researchers various types of data collection methods for gathering useful information from various sources for solving analysis problem or problems in research called data collection methods.
Now days marketing companies taking data collection more seriously because data is a most valuable resource for efficient buisness working. Data collection provided marketing company more information about their customers of their company products and services.
Marketing company have more valuable information about their customers after data collection will help company to better understand their customers needs, wants and demands
All organization (groups, industries, and government) always gather facts before taking any decision. Because organization takes help from gathered information in making their decision.
In research methodology we can say that data collection methods is an important process of collecting information in the form of images, statistical number, facts, figures from different source.
We all know that only gathering information doesn't makes data valuable for any purpose or objectives. To make make collected information valuable, then we have to do some statistical analysis and processing it get desired results.

Examples of Data Collection Methods

Let's understand data collection methods with help of an example. Suppose your company ordered you to do market research of the particular given area. Because your company planning to launch new mobile sets series.
Now you have task on your hand to do market research to fulfill company demand. To do market research you have to do collection of data from various sources.
You can use various types of data collection methods. Data collection can be done by two sources, i.e. primary data source and secondary data source.

What are the source of data collection?

Researchers collect findings from two source depending on their purpose of research. These two popular sources are primary data (unpublished data or first hand data) and secondary data (published data).

Primary data collection methods

Primary data source from the name it is very clear it is collected by going through personal experience. Primary data collection methods used by researchers to gather finding and fact from primary source. Primary source data called first hand data. Data collected by primary source always in the form of never used before. 
Primary data source collected for the fixed purpose.
In research methodology primary data collection are classified into two classification: qualitative data collection methods and quantitative data collection methods.

Secondary data collection methods

All published data by someone else earlier called secondary source. Techniques of collecting data from secondary data source called secondary data collection methods.
Secondary source of information consider have less reliability because it is already collected by someone else according to his purpose. Secondary data already gone through various types of statistical analysis.
Researchers can collect secondary data from two sources, i.e internal source and external source.

What are the 5 method of data collection

Before starting data collection researchers must know how to collect data? This is most important question comes in mind of every researchers before starting research work.
Data management platform can be used by researchers as a effective tool for data collection which provided facilities of analysis, activating data, organizing and evaluation of data. Data management platform will helped researchers to make full use of data collection.

What are the 6 types of data collection method

Data collection methods in research can be classified into here are the top 6 types namely qualitative data collection method, quantitative data collection method, observation data collection method and experimental data collection method, focus group, interview.

Quantitative data collection method

Inside quantitative data collection method researchers have freedom to use statistical tools. Quantitative techniques always used for doing primary research. In this technique of information collection forecast made for longer duration.
Quantitative data collection methods comes under primary data collection in research methodology.
Quantitative data collection methods in research work emphasize on objectives measurement and mathematical operation performed on quantitative data collected from polls, questionnaire, surveys, interview, observation and focused group.

What is qualitative data collection method in research

Data sets which can be characterised and approximate in finding results of any research work are called qualitative data. Researchers defined qualitative data as data collection which which further in result discussion approximate and characterized.
Qualitative data sets can be collected generally by two types of qualitative data techniques. Name of these two types of qualitative data selection methods are observation method and record.
Data gathered from primary source data are considered more qualitative data. Qualitative data in research methodology more popularly present in primary source of data.

4 types of quantitative data collection methods

Do you want to collect quantitative data for your analysis problem solving. Guess what you are in right place.
Here you are going get complete process how you can collect quantitative data.
Quantitative Data collection done by following 4 ways i.e. time series analysis, smoothing technique and barometric method.

Time Series Analysis

In this type of quantitative data collection you have to collect data in the form of sequential order of variables like trends, at equal time interval.

Smoothing Technique of quantitative data collection methods

Smoothing Technique used where time series analysis not effective. Smoothing technique remove drawback of variation in demand. Smoothing technique help in estimating future demand.

Barometric method of quantitative data collectiono method

You can use barometric method of quantitative data collection methods at the time you want speculate future. Barometric method used for finding trends according to current development.

Qualitative data collection method in primary data

Qualitative data collection methods one of the methodology used for collection of primary data. Qualitative data selected for analysis when researchers want to get problem answer in non-statistical form.
Qualitative data collection methods used by researchers when they wanted answer of analysis problem in non-statistical treatment.

Qualitative data collection methods in research work

There are five popular qualitative data methods in research work used for information collection in qualitative research namely observation, visual analysis, interview, and focus groups.

Qualitative data collection method

Qualitative data collection various types of techniques used by researchers, i.e. Surveys, Polls, Questionnaires and focused group etc.

Surveys data collection methods in qualitative research

When researchers want to collect findings from targeted group of peoples at that time survey are done. In survey researchers collect feedback, preferences, and choice.

What is questionnaire data collection method in research?

Questionnaire are very important techniques of collecting data from respondents. In questionnaire research form a sets of question series and send to responded through paper, email and SMS.
Responded give their answers freely of the question asked in questionare in spaces given in questionnaire.

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