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Consumer Protection Act-2021

Consumer Protection Act 2021

According to Consumer Protection Act-2019 Consumer can be defined as "Any person or group who avails or buys any products or service for a consideration which has been paid or partly paid or promised under any system of payment."
Government of India enacted law consumer protection act to empower consumer of various goods and services against arbitrary practice of venders inside markets.
Consumer protection act 2019 is a latest consumer act passed by Indian government in lok sabha. Indian economy growing very fast which is only possible due to advantages of consumer protection act. Ebook of 5 steps to boost up economy explained in detail economy development queries.
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Consumer protection Act explained in detail main aim of consumer rights to provide benifits to consumers of good faith and rights. Consumer rights provide them (consumers) with appropriate machineries for redressal of gevariance.
When consumer rights not actively implemented inside markets of country, at that time consumer got cheated by seller to earn more economic profit. After reading economic history of the world we understand that consumer had to suffered lot many times inside market without covering of consumer protection act 2021.

What are the 8 basic rights of the consumer

Consumer protection act 2021 included the 8 basic rights of the consumer like right to safety, right to be informed, right to safety, rights to satisfaction of basic needs, right to choose, right to be heard, right to redress, right to consumer education, right to a healthy environment.

Right to safety consumer protection act

Consumer protection act 2021 provide right to safety rights to consumers. Right to safety protect consumer from hazardous effect to life can be caused from activities like production, processing and services.
Consumer safety maintained in consumer protection act from all types of health effects can be caused after consumption of goods and services.

Right to satisfaction of basic needs consumer protection act

Consumer protection act 2021 provided satisfaction of basic needs consumer. Right to satisfaction of basic needs consumers have access of  basic essential goods and services such as foods, clothing, shelter, health care, public utilities, water, etc.

Right to be informed consumer protection act

Consumer protection act 2021 provided right to be informed to consumers. Right to be informed consumer protection act protect consumers from misleading advertisement and labelling. Right to be informed helped consumer to get choice before the consumption of goods and services.

What are the advantages of consumer protection act

There are many advantages of consumer acts explained below in this article,
Consumer rights are originated from consumer protection act. The main advantage of consumer protection act is to protect consumer from marketing of goods and services which are hazardous to life and property.
Consumer are allowed to choose their product from various varities available in market under consumer rights.
Under consumer rights consumers are entitled to speedy, simple and cheaper relief.
Redressal machinery are in reach of normal consumer also.
Under consumer rights it make sure that authorities involve in consumer-rights function, are responsible for maintaining consumer rights.
In consumer rights penalties are made due to which ilegal activities in marketing eliminated.
Government has brought consumer rights with many benefits for consumer. Consumer protection act are progressive in nature.

Disadvantages of Consumer Protection Act

There are many limitations of consumer protection act are given below in this article.
Consumer protection act cover only those services for which specific payment done. But it not cover the Doctors, as well as hospitals and
included where treatment given for free not come in this act. Mandatory services, water supply etc provided by state authorities are not covered in this act.
This act only covers 2 clause regarding supply of hazardous products. Consumer protection act don't empower consumer redressal.

Disadvantages of consumer protection act on buisness

The disadvantage of consumer protection act on buisness present in 2 clauses. Every act till now made always come with some disadvantages in upcoming time period.
The 2 clause which is considered as disadvantages of consumer protection act are discussed here.
First clause of disadvantages of consumer protection act present which only focuses on supply of perilous goods but it is inflict any strong stringently accountability on those who provide those products.
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