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What are consumer rights?

What are Consumers Rights?

Legal rights provided by higher authority as protection shield to all consumer's living in any country or whole world known as consumers right.
Consumer rights protect consumer from every types of illegal practice during buying any product.
Consumer rights provide consumers legal rights to raise their complaints on fixed platform.
Any groups, institutions, peoples or individual perform actions of buying any product or services and using any products or services for full filling his personal needs, social needs, family needs, and entrepreneurial needs directly or indirectly way is called consumer.

History of Consumer Right

If we look history of consumer right, from law books of consumer rights, we found that before mid-twentieth century consumer were without any right. They don't have any right regard interaction with product and producers.

What is the Meaning of Consumer Right

Law of Consumer right can be defined as it's a legal protection layer given to consumer which provide moral and legal duties, owed to purchaser of goods or services of a supplier.

Type of Consumer Right

There are many consumer rights already launched. Many questions asked like what are consumer rights class 10 standard also. 

1. Right to Safety

The right to safety means here consumer get protected layer against marketing goods which can be hazardous to life and property.
The purchased good and services must able to fulfil consumer need but in long term intrest also full fill of consumer.
Every consumer should buy products preferably high quality marked with AGMARK, ISI, etc.

2. Right to be Informed

People always question asked for what is right to be informed in consumer rights?. Here in this article full explanation given.
Right to be Informed means to give information to consumer about quality, quality, potential, potency, purity, standard and price of products.
This law of right to be informed gives protection layer to consumer from unfair trade and practices.
Consumer should before making decisions of purchase must tried to find out all information about product and services. This will help lot to consumer to do not fall in trap of high pressure selling technique.

How does right to be informed helps consumers with an example?

For an example if a consumer goes to any shop to buy product and consumer is not know about product details. At this situation shopkeeper obliged to tell every detail of product here right to be informed help consumers.

3. Right To be Heard

Right to be heard is one important law of consumers right. This law of consumer right right to be heard provides forum to consumer where they heard.
Consumers can form group or organization and these put forward consumer problem in government notice forum.

4. Right to Seek Redressal

Right to Seek Redressal is an important law of Consumer Right. This law help consumers to get compensation for their lose due to use of particular product.
Many cases compensation filled by consumer individual of very small amount but in large scale it can affect society.

5.Right to Consumer Education

In this law right to consumer education help to consumer get educated throughout life. It is seen that rural consumer not educated about products and services due to this rural consumer exploitation more.

6. Right to Choose

Right to choose is very important law of Consumer Right. Law of right to choose help consumers to choose product from large variety.
This law right to choose make consumer choose any product according to its demand requirement.
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