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Impact of modern culture on consumer behaviour

 Impact of modern culture on consumer behaviour

The culture in the context of consumer behaviour, culture defined as addition of all total of learnt belief, values and custom that function to regulate consumer behaviour customers of any particular society. Believe and values of consumer worked as guide for consumer behaviour. 
Culture has a very huge impact of modern culture on consumer behaviour to take buying decisions making and their thought process and behaviour. Modern culture influence consumer to see world according to their demand. In other sociolocultural factors influencing consumer behaviour help customers to see world around them. How does culture influence buying decisions and what does consumers behaviour are two questions arise in every one mind.
Sometimes, it's very obvious come in every one mind that how culture influence buying behaviour of consumers. Culture determine consumer's behaviour experience like belief, values and which are directly linked to attitude, emotions, social norms, intension, and behaviour. The culture groups of people that influence the choice of consumers which are typically sorted into groups of friends, workgroup, family and shopping groups.
Cultural prohibition for buying and consuming alcohol, meat and buying clothes according to cultural preference shows to understand buying pattern. Cultural behaviour, such as household size and women role in household management show influence on who buy the product.
In the modern world of globalization of buisness, one major requirements stand to connect with customers. In the making of any buisness sucessful consumer act as a more than asset for a company. Consumer relationship with any particular buisness determine judgement of any buisness sucessful or unsuccessful. Study of consumer behaviour become more important due to these reasons.
Marketer can attract customers toward its products and services but he can not able to control them as many factors impact on consumer buying decisions.

Influence of culture on consumer behaviour

Here one question arises which cultural factors impact consumer behaviour? Answer for question that there are many factor which influence of  culture on consumer behaviour such as motivation, perception, learning and attitude or belief system.
Impact of modern culture on consumer behaviour very large. As we all know that whole marketing are globalization taking place. Due to change in lifestyle of consumers every day. Customer cultural activities impact lot in decisions making of buying products and services.

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