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Qualitative Data Meaning

What is qualitative data meaning in research with example

Qualitative data is an important type of data collection techniques in which meaningful data selected on the basis of qualitative and characteristics. Data gathered qualitative basis in research methodology helpful in deriving conclusion of research work without using any statistical treatment.
Qualitative data meaning in research methodology describe us as those sets of data which consists qualitative characteristics and are collected by researchers through applied research methodology techniques like interview, observations questionnaire.
In research methodology qualitative data meaning that those sets of useful information samples collected from larger population for research work consists of qualities and characteristics.
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Qualitative Data Meaning

Researchers collect these types of characteristic consisting data with the help various research methodology techniques like questionnaire, interview, observation and appear in narrative form.
For an examples of quantitative data it can be taken qualitative data from any focused group on the quality of education in schools and colleges. Open ended data collection done in this research techniques.

Example Of Qualitative Data Meaning

For an example researchers have to do research on selecting quality students  taking education in different universities of the United States. Inside classroom of universities there are various types of students sitting holding different percentage in previous class.
Some students sitting in class room must be of high percentage in accademic education, medium in accademic and few students will be poor in academic.
Here researcher required qualitative data for his purpose of research work is to select excellent quality of students who are excellent in accademic in previous class.
From the above detailed example of qualitative data meaning clearly shown researcher focused on selecting quality of students to derive desire results from research work.

What is qualitative data meaning

Qualitative data can be defined as those types of data which researchers are selected from larger population, that helps to approximate and characterized.
Researchers used these qualitative data when he wanted to find out results of research work without numerical.
On collected data researchers not applied statistical operation to find out qualitative results of research work. Main emphasis applied to find out qualitative based results.
Lets understand what is qualitative data meaning with an example. Suppose you are quality inspector of mobile company and company asked you do quality check of mobile in United State market.
Inside United States market there are many types of consumer present and there is difference between degree of satisfaction level.
You started to collect feedback from customer buyed your company mobiles about mobile performance.
Suppose you collected feedback from 10000 customer living in United States. Some customers said mobile colour good, some mobile operator is slow to work and various types of feedback collected.
These feedback given by customer's to you and later you use these quality data to improve your company mobiles quality.
From above example of qualitative data it is now cleared that qualitative data helps to derive results of research in quality form and characterised way.

Qualitative Vs Quantitative Data

Key difference between qualitative data and quantitative data can be identified from observing their collected data sets. There are many key differences in qualitative and quantitative data.
Data collected through primary data source are considered consists higher qualitative standard.
Qualitative data involved in research work when researcher wants to get his analysis results non numerical form.
Results comes with help of qualitative data in form like shape, size, colour and results are characterised.
Whereas quantitative data involved in research work when researcher want to get his analysis results in numbers form or digits form.
Results derive from quantitative data in form like digital form and counting number involved in results.

Importance of qualitative data meaning

There are many advantages of qualitative data in research methodology. Qualitative data play an major role in analysis work.
Key difference between primary and secondary data determined on the basis of qualitative data because primary data source more considered as for providing high qualitative data.
Qualitative data helps researcher to identify traits frequency and results can be characterised.
Another big importance of qualitative data provided facilities to include various types of data sample for research work. Large area of samples can be observed with the of qualitative data.
Qualitative data helped researchers to find out desire results from his research work which helps to quantify world around them.

Qualitative data methods : types

There are many methods used to collect qualitative data. Qualitative data used in research work when research work done in depth on any topic.
Methods of qualitative data used to gain insights, motivation and reasoning. Results obtained from qualitative data can not able to be measured because on qualitative data no statistical treatment applied.

One two one interview method of quantitative data meaning

In this method of quantitative data interviewer collect data from interviewee personal basis. In this method of data collection focused on personal approach.
Interview conducted by researcher can be of two types i.e. structured interview and unstructured interview. Data collected in this type of qualitative methods every time changes with change in interview participants.

Focus group

Groups are made to from selected people involved in research work. Qualitative data are collected from focused group. Focused group are used in quantitative analysis. Focused group methods of quantitative data collection done through doing group discussion.

Record source

Qualitative data in this method are collected from previous stored data on various platforms.
Researcher collect qualitative data going to through official record available in various organisations and reading book helpful lot in making review of literature for research work.

Case study methods of qualitative data

In this type of qualitative data collection are done through case study because case study on any topic will provide depth qualitative data for research work.

Longitudinal methods of qualitative data

In longitudinal methods of data collection researchers collect data for long extended period of time. In this type of methods of gathering qualitative sample time period may be extended to upto few years.

Qualitative data analysis

Researchers spent his money, time and efforts in collection of data research. It become important to analyse data because researchers don't want to find himself at wrong side after doing hard work at any point of research work.
There are no such ways are mentioned in research methodology to check whether qualitative data right or wrong.
Only two approaches for qualitative data present in research methodology. Researchers can check correctness of quantitative data on the basis of understanding these two approaches.

Two main approaches to qualitative data

There are two main approaches used by researchers for understanding qualitative data meaning.
Inductive Approach :- Inductive approach used by researchers when he has little information regarding research work. Inductive methods used no any predetermined path to analyse qualitative data.
Deductive Approach :- Deductive approach used by researchers when path of qualitative data analysis done through predetermined path. Researchers make use of questions for analysis of qualitative data research.
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